Flat Roofing

We offer a built-up felt roofing system established in use for over 80 years.

Not that things haven't changed; the modern felts have been improved tremendously.

We offer the modern SBS/APP high performance roofing system, superior to a lot of water proofing systems on the market. Frequently used on schools and council buildings as a cost effective water proofing solution. For more information click here or contact us for free advice and quotations for NORD bitumi UK installations.

Authorised installer of PROGRP advanced fibre-glass roofing systems

Authorised installer of EPDM single ply rubber membrane roofing systes

We offer a choice of 3 high performance systems:

  • Torch-on
  • Single ply
  • GRP fibreglass

Each is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Nord Bitumi: Roof-Master High Performance Roof System

Nord Bitumi Roof Master is a superior Flat Roof Waterproofing Solution that has a life expectancy in excess of thirty years. The use of high tensile reinforcing layers and expertly balanced levels of SBS elastomeric bitumen means this versatile and sophisticated system remains a superior and extremely adaptable solution.

Available in cold, warm or inverted roof formats Roof Master, integrates robust, flexible waterproofing with thermal efficiency as well as acoustic and fire smart performance when required.

Ideally suited for timber, metal or concrete roof decks, the design flexibility of Roof Master enables application on unique shapes and desgins, as well as flat, pitched and barrel vaulted designs in both new build and roof refurbishment.

Roof Master is available with a 15 year insurance-backed warranty as standard.

Roof Master provides many benefits to both applicators and building owners including:

  • 40-year design life
  • SBS polymer modified bitumen
  • High tensile strength reinforcements
  • Fire resistance
  • -20° cold bond flexibility
  • High puncture resistance
  • Anti-slip mineral finish
  • Rot proof
  • Dimensionally stable

Nord cover has a genuine 20 year warranty with additional insurance backing.

In our opinion this is the best water proofing system, tried and guaranteed over the years, 'over the last year alone (2014) approximately 40 million square metres of membrane' in England and across the world.

Far superior to any other system. Always ask for a COSHH safety data sheet to see for yourself.

Nord Bitumi UK Roof Master

Nord Cover

Nord Cover offers major advantages over "similar" warranties.

Nord Cover is more than a marketing tool as used by many companies. It is based on proven, world-class products. The waterproofing materials have been independently tested and have demonstrated outstanding life expectancy with our premium total roof systems enjoying a 40-year design life and our monolithic structural waterpoofing is dependable for the lifetime of the structure.


A Nord Bitumi UK roofing contractor will be amongst the elite of their trade, specifically chosen by Nord Bitumi UK representatives for high quality of workmanship and knowledge of Nord Bitumiwaterproofing systems.


Without a single product failure known by Nord Bitumi UK, our waterproofing solutions are second to none. However, to compliment our class-leading product quality and durability we also hold additional insurance backing by a major insurance company with UK offices that includes:

As standard, in the event of material failure:

  • Third Party Liability Cover - compensation for unintentional damage caused to third parties by defective Nord Bitumi products.
  • Supply Liability Cover - reimbursement of material and labour expenses incurred for installation works due to defective Nord Bitumi products

A further option on the event of inattentive workmanship

  • For total piece of mind, our Nord Cover Plus warranty is available at a small premium and provides cover for damage originating from defective workmanship. Available on selected Nord Bitumi UK systems and applied for by the Nord Bitumi UK approved installer at the planning stage, please contact our Technical Department for futher advice.

Cover is maintained if Nord Bitumi UK or the roofing contractor ceases to trade.

In addition...

Nord Cover is transferable to any new building owner.

An individual warranty certificate is issued for every project, complete with component listings.

Nord Bitumi UK

BJ Roofing Contractors and Nord Bitumi UK - still going, working together since 1972.

Proven better than fibre glass / other one-layer roofing systems.

Always ask roofing contractors for a data sheet before making your decision


Today's market place is a tough place to be.

The kindness of the weather has made the first quarter of the year comfortable but there are signs of tougher times ahead. The building industry is operating on a background of cut backs, reduced building plans, and restricted maintenance programmes. Day to day, all of us face the impact of the general austerity measures that our Government has introduced. Then we have to navigate our way through the very real problem of increasing costs on all fronts. Fuel, energy bills, rates, water and labour costs are on the upward trend. We can all see it happening right in front of us on the forecourts and with the readily available comparison sites on the web.

With PVC, it's more difficult as there is little or no visibility on how the cost for PVC roofing products is arrived at for customers. There is so much scepticism and cynicism surrounding the need for price increases it's hard to have a real conversation about it. To a degree that's understandable when you consider the stories of production plants being closed down along with fires and floods creating 'force majeure' situations.

Our commitment is that we'll face these challenges together to create a win-win outcome whenever possible by only passing on price increases when they are needed based on our aim of maintaining our continuous investment programme. A programme which has to date enabled our customers to benefit from the development of industry leadning guarantees and innovative new products such as the Freefoam co-extruded gutter systems.

Here at BJ Roofing Contractors we're strengthening our relationship Freefoam for the long haul through the tough times ahead to continue to bring our customers the best PVC roofing solutions on the market.


This is our 40th year in business meaning we can offer experience workmanship and all the proper warranties on our work.

Examples of our flat roofing work

One of our recent jobs

This job employed a built-up felt roofing system offering a 15 year warranty - superior to other makes.

Flat roof at Peterborough School

Roof insulation with mineral felt.

New flatroof with 15 year warranty.

Replacement of manual roof windows with Velux electronically controlled roof windows.

Flat roof construction on a local school

Built-up felt roof; all materials guaranteed (APP). SBS roofing beats any other sort of felt roofing as prove over decades of use.

Always ask for a copy of a COSHH datasheet from our competitors.

Warm flat roof installation with orangeries

Flat roof rebuild

Why is flat roofing superior to fibreglass?

Example: fibreglass roof laid less than 5 years ago

We came in and laid a new warm (cost effective for heating) flat roofing system with a 20 warranty...

Liquid Plastics

We are approved Liquid Plastics contractors - click here.

Asbestos removal and disposal

We are fully authorised for the removal and disposal - click here.

Building extension flat roof

This was a highly economical warm which comes with a 20 year warranty.

Flat roof for a house extension

Why not consider a pitched roof?

Re-build and roof of a house extension

Existing roof and timberwork removed.

New glazed PVC window units installed and new flat roof added.

New roof installed and the ceil artexed.

House extension re-roof

Work undertaken on this house extension rebuild included installing a skylight, plumbing, dry lining as well as plastering and joinery.

Garage re-roof

We are AEC licensed contractors for removing asbestos roofing materials.

Here's an example of our work removing an existing asbestos garage roof and replacing with modern flat roof solution:

Pitched roof over a flat roof

This is an example of a pitched roof built over a flat roof. The pitched roof was constructed using plain tiles, lead and baby hip tiles.

Workshop flat roof

We able to install flat roofs on outbuildings such as workshops:

Car port - polycarbonate sheets

We can also install polycarbonate sheets for roofing. Here's an example of a car port utilising polycarbonate sheets.