Examples of our roof tiling work

We offer roof tiling in a number of materials including:

Why not take a look at one of our roofs through the stages of construction by clicking here.

Clay Tiles

Clay 'natural red' Tiles

We were pleased to be involved with an award winning site by Seagate homes in Baston, Lincolnshire.

Lightweight Felt Tiles / Shingles

Concrete and Slate Tiles

This roof and the turrets example below was one job constructed as per the architects and customers brief to create a beautiful roof in keeping with the character of the environment.


Tile Hanging

Below is an example of a dorma roof where we replaced the timber with concrete tiles and lead.



Tiled Extensions

Asbesto Roof Removal

We are AEC licensed contractors for removing asbestos roofing materials.

Here are two examples of existing pitched roofs being removed and replaced.

Re-tiled roof with new cladding, fascia and guttering.

Bay Window Roofing

Pitched Roof Replacement For Flat Roof

Roofing Cleaning

We offer roofing cleaning services including cleaning off roof debris and stripping out defective valleys.

The Construction Process

To the right is an example of our work showing the steps invovled in the construction of one of our roofs.